Credit Co-Op. Societies in India

In India credit co-op. sector developed to help the peoples of low income group whom banks generally do not gives loans because of risk, they are taking loans from the financiers at high interest rates. So society is the better option to help them. Society generally gives a wide range of banking and financial services like Loans, F.D., R.D., Saving, Insurance etc.. Generally Co-operative Credit Society is formed by members, who are at the same time the owners and the customers of their Society.


With a great vision everybody starts a credit society But first of all they should buy best credit society software to ensure data security.


Multi State

A multi-state Co-operative Society is basically a society that is registered or deemed to be registered under the "Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act".



A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs.



To do the registration of credit society you have to submit the application at Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, New Delhi.



Co-operative societies may be classified into different categories based on the objectives, purposes and nature of activities performed by them.



People are always curious to know more about credit society software, how it works and other lots of questions when they think to start the society.


What Exactly the Society does in India ?

Credit Co-op. Society in India has a big role to play in economical development of Low class and middle class peoples. Generally this societies are resisted under District registrar office of state with Registrar of co-op society.

Big Multi State Societies Once Registration process is completed, They appoint Agent for collection of deposit. Some society also start MLM System in Society for deposit collection. All Big Multi State society like Aadarsh credit co-op, Sahara Credit Society etc. appoint agents to collect the deposit.

After registration of society the big decision is to buy Best Software for society. Generally most of the Societies buy Vayak Software because this company has maximum experience in the field of society's computerisation in India.

All credit Society than starts Deposit schemes like Member, Saving Account, Compulsory Saving, Fix deposit (FD), Recurring Deposit (RD), Monthly Recurring (MR), Daily Deposit (DD), Pension schemes etc. After collecting money from depositors they start giving loans with name Housing Loan, Vehicle Loan, Gold Loan, Festival Loan, General Loan, Consumer Loan, Agriculture Loan etc. and decide the Loan EMI. This Societies give high return on deposits schemes and give loan at reasonable rate of interest as they have low running cost and every year declare Dividend for its members.

RBI and Nabard give heavy fund to all agriculture society to give loan for farmers at very low rate of interest. Employees Society generally starts for Welfare of their employees. This is a society registered for the staff of a company or a department of government. Examples of Employee Societies are as under Teachers co-op Credit society

  • State Electric Board Employee co-op Credit Society
  • Telephone Department Employee Co-op. Society
  • Government Department Staff co-op. Credit Society
  • Postal Department Employees society
  • Insurance Co. Employees welfare Co-op. Society
  • Bank Staff Co-op Credit & consumer Society
  • District & Tahesil Panchayat Staff co-op. society
  • State Transport Department Staff co-op. Society
  • Industries Employees co-op. credit & consumer co-op. society
  • University Staff co-op. Credit society
  • Military Staff co-op Credit Society
  • Police & SRP Employees co-op. Society

What is the difference between co-operative Society and a business?

Co-operatives are enterprises that put people at the center of their business, not capital. Co-operatives are business enterprises and thus can be defined in terms of three basic interests: ownership, control, and beneficiary. Only in the co-operative enterprise are all three interests vested directly in the hands of the user. Co-operatives are also enterprises that follow a set of principles and values.

Co-operatives put people at the heart of all their business. They follow a set of values than those associated purely with making a profit. Because co-operatives are owned and democratically-controlled by their members (individuals or groups and even capital enterprises) the decisions taken by co-operatives balance the need for profitability with the needs of their members and the wider interests of the community.

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Objective and Working of Society

Vision of Society

Vision of Society is social and economic betterment of its members. As well as secure interests and objects of the society and member both. It is also Seen as Mediator between two persons, One person having excess money keep deposit in society as F.D., R.D. etc. and other one is the person who need money for some thing as a loan.

Development of Society

In India Co-op. sector is developed Sp. In Western India. Gujarat & Maharashtra are the states where co-op. movement is very good following the real aim of co-operation to the members. In other state development is slow.

About Co-Operative

Co-operatives are social enterprises formed by the members, for the members, of the member. In fact, the Co-operatives can be found in all traditional economic sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, consumer and financial services, housing, and production (workers' co-operatives).

Ownership of Credit Society

Cooperatives are owned and democratically controlled by their members, Co-op members elect their board of directors from within the membership.

Social Impact of Credit Co-Op. Society

Are motivated not by profit, but by service-to meet their member's needs or affordable and high quality goods or services.

Profit of Society - Dividends

Society gives dividends on the share to the members depend on the profit.

List of big Multi state co-operative Society in India

There are so many big Multi state societies in India out of them some societies for your reference are:

  • Sahara Credit Society
  • Adarsh Credit Society
  • Kheteshwer Credit co-op. Society
  • Lokhit bharti Credit Co-op. Society
  • Arogya Dhan varsha Credit Society
  • Navjivan co-op Society
  • Sanjivani Credit Society
  • Arth Multi state credit Society
  • Prithvi Credit co-operative Society
  • Peers co-operative Society

and so many societies are working in India, Generally all these societies have there network in many states.

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