General Knowledge about Multi State Co-Op. Society

Modern Bye Laws preparation and Amendment required

To Run a society first of all we have to prepare Bye Laws as per provisions of Act and model bye laws available at registration department. This may change as per situation of different clients. Down load Model Bye-laws of National level Cooperative Society/Federal Cooperative/Multi-State Cooperative Society.

Software for Multi State Co-operative Society

The Most Important thing is to Purchase a best software which is used by so many societies. Take advise of that Software Developer about Accounting and schemes Development for day to day activities of multi state co-operative societies. E.g. Vayak Technologies, Ahmedabad can provide you all this guidance. They have computerize more then 1500 co-op society all over India.

Filling of Annual Return in Multi State Co-Op Society

as per the applicable act and rules of the Multi state Co-operative Society any Chartered Accountants (CA) can conduct audit and submit annual return for the society. For latest change in this policy please contact registrar or co-op. office.


Data Security and Date lock systems are required so that society can know that Who has done which entry on which date & time, So that less chance of fraud in Society.

Election of Multi State Society

In general meeting, Existing Board of Directors will conduct elections of the multi-State co-operative society. All member who has voting right as per society's bye law can vote there and select their new committee members. Then committee member can select the chairman, secretory and other posts.