Multi State Co-operative Credit Societies in India

List of Multi-State Co-op. Societies - 31/5/2012

State wise Multi state soc. No. of Societies
National Level Federations of Society 20
society in Andhra Pradesh 16
co-op in Assam 5
co-operative in Bihar 8
society in Chattisgarh 1
co-op in Chandigarh 9
co-op soc. in Dadar Nagar Haveli 1
co-op soc. in Delhi 62
society in Goa 4
co-op in Gujarat 17
co-operative in Haryana 10
co-op soc. in Himachal Pradesh 1
society in Jammu & Kashmir 1
co-op in Jharkand 2
co-op in Karnataka 15
society in Kerala 16
co-operative in Madhya Pradesh 8
co-op soc. in Maharashtra 296
society in Manipur 1
co-op soc. in Meghalaya -
co-op in Mizoram -
co-operative in Nagaland 1
society in Odisha 4
co-op soc. in Punjab 3
co-op in Pondicherry 4
society in Rajasthan 41
society in Sikkim -
co-op in Tamil Nadu 85
co-op soc. in Uttar Pradesh 48
co-operative in Uttaranchal 2
co-op in West Bengal 32
Total 713

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