Take Care

Before Purchasing the Software, Take care for below features

Tested OK

Software should be used by more than thousand Societies, So that we can consider that with the experience of these societies software becomes tested Ok.

Artificial Intelligent

Software should be artificial intelligent so that the person who are having less knowledge of account can also operate the software.

Auto posting

By doing Single entry of Receipt or voucher, Software should do the posting in all respected Ledgers, Day book, Audit Reports etc. automatically.


Data Security and Date lock systems are required so that society can know that Who has done which entry on which date & time, So that less chance of fraud in Society.

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Good Appearance

Colour combination in software screens must be perfect, So that every one can use the software easily.

Automation of Interest & Dividend

Auto calculation of Interest & Dividend must be done.


Software should be Dongle base, So that you can install the software without help of software company.

Policy base

Software should be policy base so that you can start any no. of loan , F.D. , R.D. etc. & can do their set up also.

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Magic Eye

When you do any mistake than at that time software should guide you.

Management Information System

Software should provide required management reports , Balance sheet, P & L Account etc.

Backup Facility

Backup facility should be there so that data should be secured.

Easy & Simple

Software should be easy & simple to operate.

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Which type of Software Company we should select?

Triple Power

Software Developer should have triple power ( Computer knowledge + A/c knowledge + Credit Society Knowledge ) than & than he can develop perfect Software.


Software company should have experience of 10-15 years of working in Co-op. Credit Society Sector.

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Marketing Staff, Service Staff & Site Supervisors for online reporting.
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Company should be established before a long period of time & should have corporate working style. Many times single persons providing software, they themselves develop the software, do the marketing & also gives service to the customers. They gives software at low cost but in future how many years they will provide the support is also a questions.

Future Upgradations

Company should work only in Co-op. Sector, So that in future Society can get up gradations in software as per the changes came in co-op. sector. At Presently many companies are there in the market which are working in so many fields at a time, So, in future when they will change the field is not sure, If we purchase Software from that type of companies than Society can't get the future up gradations.

Service Support

Company should provide Software Guidance Book, Call Centre Support & On Phone Support.

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