Agro Product

Staff Reporting App for Agriculture
Employee Reporting App for Farmer
Staff Tracking App for Agriculture
Mobile App For Agro Product Manufacturer Dealers and Distributors
Online Attendance :
Marketing staff can enter his start and end attendance with location and date in mobile app.
Staff can also see on which day he has visited in which area with In-Out time detail.

Visit to the farm :
Visit to the farmers / farms for demo, presentation, meeting, verification of land / crops etc. with photos can be enter in mobile. Work done detail with next follow up date can be entered.
Different kinds of reports and analysis available on admin website.

Order Taking :
Staff can enter retailers/dealers order with items, quantity and rate in his mobile.
Customer's information can be entered from mobile app.

Farm Live Reporting :
Manager/Staff can send his live report of the activities done on field with photos and details of work done every hour.
The progress on farm is visible in photos at office with location, Date & Time details.

Expense :
Staff can enter his tour and visit expenses in his mobile. His total expense can be easily calculated.
Manager can verify or sanction the expense and can comment on it.

MIS Reports :
Many types of MIS reports are available like attendence with daily km travelled, visit, D.A. and T.A. report etc.
Reports can be exported to Excel, Pdf and Word.