Automobiles Dealers/Distributiors

Staff Reporting Mobile App For Automobiles Dealer
Employee Reporting Mobile App For Automobiles Dealer
Tracking App For Automobiles Dealer
Mobile App For Automobiles Dealer & Distributor
Online Attendance : Marketing and other field staff can enter his start - end attendance with details of work done with location and date.

Visit for test drive/delivery : Visit details of test drive and its photos can be enter. Follow up date for future purpose can also be entered.

Order of vehicle : Staff can enter order details of auto parts and accessories from workshops and garages with items, quantity and rate in his mobile.

Payment Collection : Field staff can enter collection detail of vehicle insurance premium, AMC and sale of accessories from the clients/garages in his mobile.

Expense : Staff can enter his expense details in this feature. His total expense can be easily calculated.

MIS Report : Many types of MIS reports are available like daily km travelled, D.A. and T.A. reports etc.