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Why employee monthly performance analysis is important?
In today’s era, the technical advancements have brought about many changes in various directions, not only in the I.T. sector, but also in terms of businesses and other professional sectors. If we stop for a while and look around us, we would find many I.T. things being used in some or the other way. An organisation always need to keep a track of all the happenings in the working environment; and when it comes to the field staff, it is more important to know if the work is being done in progress. For every employee deserves to be rewarded for the profit he/she had earned for the company. But, for this, a regulatory performance analysis is needed to be done. Well! What if this check becomes easier for you! Vayak StaffCare has a solution for this – by doing online field staff reporting. Many firms have now shifted to using mobile application management software than increasing expenses on more man power to analyse the performance of the field workers. Let us check out the following!

1. Easy tracking live records:
This mobile tracking software lets you track down live records of the field employees. A firm can go with starting a GPS Tracking Business for recording the current work status of the field employee. This application comprises of GPS mobile tracker, vehicle tracking system, mobile phone tracking and many other features provided by Vayak StaffCare. The service managers of the organisation can now easily know the actual location via GPS online, thereby building trust-worthy relationships with the field staff.

2. No need to keep an eye on field employee:
The in and out timings of the field staff is automatically recorded in the application software. If in case, there is a change in plan of work; all the team is notified at the same time. The employee time sheet is maintained at regular intervals for the amount of work done by each individual in the field staff. Also, it becomes even easier for the service mangers of the organisation to create the work plan for each of the field worker by using the free employee scheduling software.

3. Notifies the sales data:
As all the data is now in the sales tracking software, less efforts are to be made by the staff management system to know about how much is the quality sales done today! If you come to know that the sales are not being generated, you can find out the reason for it just by going through the data in the staffing software and find out if the field workers are going off track from their assigned daily works or if there is some other issue within the organisation.

4. Create an accurate performance analysis report:
When all the data is being tracked down live, there are no chances of getting wrong results. Thus, the while indexing the performance of each member of field staff, the results generated will be accurate enough as per the data recorded in the application management software.

It thus seems that online field staff reporting can bring about a great change in the working patterns of the organisations. A little appreciation is all they need! And, it is when you realise the hard work of your field workers, they know they are equally important to the organisation as well!