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Employee Reporting by What's App - A big Problem and It's Solution
Today most of all mangers and staffs are using what's app in the smart phone. So most of company take reporting on what's app. Staff send by writing or send photo to senior for reporting. But, the main problem is to use what's app is

Text send as reporting will not be stored, and also it is just a text not a database. So company can't use that data for future purpose. they Can't make reports, can't analyze the data etc.

Photograph send by staff is taken by him is not sure. Suppose company has send one engineer from Delhi to Jaipur for some sight work for 3 days. Engineer stay there for two days and stay at home in Delhi on third day. Now if company has given instruction that he has to send daily photographs on what's app about the progress of work. Than By sitting in home Engineer will ask to his Jaipur supervisor to send the site photographs & he will forward it to company. By this way company feel that we are getting perfect reporting with photograph but that is not real & perfect.

The Solution of this is Vayak Staff Care Mobile application. In this all reporting data of attendance, visit, expenses, leave, order, payment collection etc. store in database. So from that all report can be generated of specific time period, you can also export that data and utilize as you wish.

Also, Staff Location & route will came so staff can't mischief the company, he has to remain at work place . Also photograph base reporting facility is there & photograph will be taken with latitude and longitude location , it can't be attached from any gallery.

So, to get perfect reporting don't use free app only, because if you will invest small amount in standard reporting app you will get more by decreasing false expenses and can increase staff performance to get more profit.