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Staff Reporting Mobile App For FMCG
Employee Reporting Mobile App For FMCG
Tracking App For FMCG
Mobile App For FMCG
Online Attendance : Staff can enter his start - end attendance with details of work done with location and date.

Route Wise Visit to the outlet : Visit entry to the each outlet with time, location, feedback, no sale reason etc.

Order Taking : Staff can enter order details with items, quantity based on mutiple price list and scheme in his mobile.

Visit to the Stockist : Executive can enter his visit to the Stockist for giving orders & at the same time he can enter available stock details & secondary sale in his mobile.

Expense : Executive can enter his expenses detail in this feature. His D.A. / T.A./ Other expense can be calculated.

MIS Reports : Many types of MIS reports are available like Not visited outlets list, daily km travelled, D.A. and T.A. report etc.