Online Order System Advantages

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Benefits of Mobile App based Reporting
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Advantage of Mobile base online Order system
Most of the companies are using old manual ordering system. Sales person visit each and every dealers or shop to take order, they write down the order in his order book. After completing his tour he will reach at company after 3 - 4 days & submit the orders. Than company will do packing & dispatch the product, So in this old system customer will get the product after approx. one week.

But by using Mobile based Online ordering system Sales person can enter his order direct in his mobile, while taking order he can also see the weight of order, can give different schemes to customer also. Company can set different price list for Stockiest, distributors & Shops. Also can take their stocks.

Now this online order will directly display in the company & they can do same day delivery to the customers. By this way today in the world of competition company can become no. 1 in his field. So be creative technocrat & use latest technology in your company to get success.

Advantage of online field staff visit reporting system
Most of the companies are using old manual reporting systems like on Paper Reporting, Web base reporting, Telephonic reporting or Personal reporting. But in this there are so many chance of false reporting of working hours , Visit hours and expenses etc.

Today many time executive sit only 10 minutes with the party and in reporting write that i was there for 2 hours. Suppose your company has given target to meet 10 customers daily & to get their visiting cards. than executive will collect 10 visiting card within 2 hours, Than he go to home take lunch & sleep. After that at evening he will came to office for reporting and will give the reporting as you like. He will say I had visited this party for 2 hours, another for 45 minutes, another for 90 minutes etc... But that was not a real reporting. Companies are doing full expenses for staff but staff are not perform well, it results in loss to company.

But, If company or organization use Mobile base customer visit system than it will be real time & perfect. When your staff reach to any customer at that time he has to do start visit entry, When he will do this automatically his date, time & location will be captured & when visit complete he has to do end visit entry than again his date, time & location will be captured. So, executive has to compulsorily there at work.

He can't left the field earlier. Also, he can enter all visit detail like, Party response, whom he has visited, what he has done , follow up date every visit detail he has to entered. Also, If company wants than executive or staff has to take signature of customer on mobile & also take photograph of customer 's office or shop with location. Photograph will not be attached from any gallery.

So, by this way company or organization can get real time, systematic & perfect visit reporting , which results in improvement of staff performance and profit of company.

Necessity of online Expense entry of staff
Most of the companies are giving monthly expense sheet to staff to write date wise different expenses. Now each staff are doing approx. 5-6 type of expenses per day. So monthly approx. staff write 150 - 180 expenses in sheet. After completion of month staff submit this sheet of office between 1st to 5th date. Now to do salary on 7th account manager has to check all that within two days. Suppose company has 20 staff than account manager has to check approx. 3000 - 4000 exp. within two days. Which is not possible so most of the time they consider all perfect & do salary. Which results in loss to company. Many time false expenses becomes true.

But, If Company use online mobile app to manage the field staff. staff has to enter all the exp. daily in his mobile app and that can be sanction by his senior same day. so due to daily checking the expense will be under control and company can do salary on proper time.