Staff Reporting Mobile App Features

Top 10 Staff Reporting Mobile App Features
Each And every company now a days wants staff reporting online by mobile using app. Main features of staff reporting is

1. Location Tracking:
2. Route Travel by Staff:
3. On line Staff Attendance:
4. Visit Report with Photo Graph And Signature of Customer:
5. Expense entry:
6. Payment Collection Entry:
7. On line Order with scheme:
8. Stock Taking of Stockiest:
9. Inquiry or Complain Management:
10. Leave Management:

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Employee Reporting Online Application
Today in the world of technology, Man try to make all the work online, perfect & on time. Before 20 years ago Technology in day to day life is like in it's childhood. But now a days without technology man can't leave.

If we think in Business management side, Managers are taking manual reporting on paper or by doing phone calls, but there was a chance of false reporting of less hours & false expenses. But now a days we can take Employee's online reporting by using mobile app. Staff has to do all reporting online using mobile app, he don't have to write or maintain records, only he has to do entry in his mobile. All reporting will reach to Boss/Owner/Director/Manager or Team leader online.

There are different mobile app is there in the field to do this. But the best Mobile app for Employee reporting is Vayak staff Care. To know more about it please visit

Employee Tracking and Reporting need
Today most of the company has big problem of staff. To get the staff, to retain, to get perfect result from them, all are the big problems. Employee or staff are doing false reporting to show their performance.

Staff work for less hours in the field and showing false expenses is the main problem. because due to it the performance of staff decrease and expenses increase, which results in the loss to company.

Up to today Company can't track the staff, where he is ? He reached in the field at proper time or not? Whom he has visited ? what is the response ? etc.. but now it is easy to know about all activity of staff.

Now using "Vayak Staff Care" mobile app company can track the staff. Company can see the location of staff, Route travel by them etc. Also, all the reporting will came online by app so company can easily control & monitor the staff.