Water Purification Business

Staff Reporting Mobile App For Water Purifier
Staff Reporting Mobile App For Water Purifier
Tracking App For Water Purifier
Mobile App For Water Purifier
Online Service / Marketing Staff Attendance :
Staff can enter his start - end attendance with details of work done with location and date.
Monthly Datewise Report can be generated.

Visit to the Customer / Company :
Visit details with photos of work done like changing spares can be enter.
App base Reporting, No data entry needed at office.

Complain Handling :
1. Complain received can be entered in website or in mobile by office staff.
2. Service manager can handover complain to service staff. Staff will get notification of complain in mobile.
3. Service staff will visit & close the complain by mobile.

Payment Collection :
Staff can enter the payment collection entry from the clients in his mobile.
Admin can see that how much collection done.

Order Taking :
Field staff can enter order details with items, quantity and rate in his mobile.
Order data can be seen in office within seconds.

Report :
Many kinds of detail, summary, analysis and MIS reports are available on website based on the entry done by the staff.
Useful information for site supervisor, engineers and contractors.