Ways of Staff Reporting

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Paper Reporting
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5 Ways of Staff Reporting
Different companies are using different type of staff reporting system.

1. Paper Reporting:
In this staff write on paper or report card whichever activity they had done in that day. But this reporting is manual so staff can write at night by sitting in home, it is not real time so staff can write any thing which might not be done by them. Also it will reach to company after a week or month.

2. Web base reporting:
For that company has to provide laptop, internet or cyber cafe exp. to staff to do the reporting. But in this also staff can write what he want. Company can get same day reporting but is not real reporting. Suppose staff meet one customer only for 10 minutes but can write one hour in web base reporting, company can't verify.

3. Telephonic Reporting:
Staff do phone call to senior to do reporting , but at that time senior was busy or travelling, so can't talk, When Senior make call staff was out of coverage, so they have to spend to much time to connect with each other. In this also chance to mischief is there.

4. Personal reporting:
In many company staff has to go to office at the end of the day to do reporting. But, in this staff has to leave the market earlier to go office & give reporting. He has to travel from his working location to office, It's wasting of time and fuel. If staff work more hours in market than can get more business.

5. Mobile base online Reporting:
This is a real time, easy and perfect reporting system. In this whatever work done by staff will reach to company with location and real time. Company can see online all the activity of staff like their Location, Route, Attendance, visit report, Payment collection, Orders, Expenses, Leave etc. So this is the real time, time saver online reporting system.